Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

As a low-voltage electrical contractor licensed by the North Carolina Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors, NiteLites is your source for the design, installation, and repair of low-voltage outdoor lighting systems. Low-voltage outdoor lighting systems feature greatly-enhanced ease of installation and maintenance compared with 120 volt systems, and they are much safer to operate and service as well. Low voltage does not mean low light output, however; our low-voltage halogen and LED outdoor lighting systems are capable of providing ample illumination even for large commercial applications.

Our Top-Quality Transformers

We use transformers from Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. They are available in sizes to accommodate system power requirements from 100 to 1200 watts. These transformers have stainless-steel housings, can be equipped with photocell and/or time clock controls, and have a lifetime manufacturer warranty on enclosures, finish, and internal components.

Cutting-Edge Digital Timers

Our Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting transformers are compatible with new digital outdoor lighting timers which feature battery backups, hands-free operation, automatic adjustment to sunrise and sunset times, and a range of variable settings. This eliminates the need to reset or reprogram your outdoor lighting timer following a power outage, changes in season, or daylight savings time.