Uplighting from NiteLites

As the premier outdoor lighting company in Raleigh, NC, NiteLites specializes in using a mix of techniques in each of our custom outdoor lighting system designs. Uplighting is the most frequently used outdoor lighting technique and is used to highlight architectural features, light tree structure and limb canopies, create depth in the landscape, and even create beautiful mirror lighting effects with the lighting reflected on the surface of pools or other water features. Uplighting is usually a key component to all of our outdoor lighting projects.

As landscape and outdoor lighting professionals, we at NiteLites have developed the expertise needed to determine judiciously what architectural and landscaping elements should be uplighted and what lamp wattages and beam spreads should be specified for the greatest artistic lighting effects. We use lamp-sight-shielded uplighting fixtures, ensuring the lighting effects, and not the lamps or light sources, are what are seen. Our expert outdoor lighting system designers excel in using carefully targeted uplighting, combined with a range of other lighting techniques, to create unparalleled custom outdoor lighting systems throughout Central and Eastern North Carolina.