Entry Lighting

Entry Lighting Systems

As a trusted outdoor landscape lighting design, installation, and maintenance company, we are often called upon to light entrances to subdivisions and businesses. We serve customers in Raleigh, NC and throughout Central and Eastern North Carolina, maximizing the visual impact of their entrances to help them stand out and welcome nighttime visitors.

Beyond simply aiming spotlights at entry signage, we take the time and care needed to design unique custom outdoor entry lighting systems which often use various types of lighting fixtures and techniques to create a pleasing mix of shadow and light. Our entry lighting systems incorporate lighting for hardscaping features of the entries along with select surrounding plant materials. Our entry lighting systems are especially effective as marketing lighting for new housing subdivisions seeking to herald their developments. With our unmatched outdoor lighting experience and expertise, our customers’ entrances are transformed into one-of-a-kind landmarks that are beautiful, memorable, and inviting.