Patio, Deck, & Step Lighting

Patio, Deck, and Step Lighting

NiteLites delivers expert outdoor deck and patio lighting system design, installation, and maintenance services for homeowners throughout Raleigh, NC and in Central and Eastern North Carolina. From surface-mounted fixtures on deck or stair railings to lights mounted under patio benches and seating, stair riser lighting, moonlighting, and beyond we take pride in creating beautiful custom patio and deck lighting systems that enhance the aesthetics and nighttime usability of our customers’ outdoor living spaces.

In addition to emphasizing the beauty and reliability of our custom deck and patio lighting systems, we always strive to minimize light trespass, or spillage onto neighboring properties. If a homeowner needs HOA approval before an outdoor lighting system can be installed, we will work with the homeowner and will prepare any documentation needed to obtain that approval. Regardless of the size or design of your deck or patio, NiteLites is your source for the very best in lighting design and installation to accentuate your outdoor hardscaping features.