Water Features and Mirror Lighting

Lighting for Water Features and Mirror Lighting

NiteLites specializes in creating one-of-a-kind custom lighting systems for projects that often include water features, such as fountains, koi ponds, waterfalls, and many others. Serving customers in Raleigh, NC and throughout Central and Eastern North Carolina, we are capable of producing dramatic or subtle effects in moving and still water using both underwater lighting and standard outdoor light fixtures.

Light directed onto or through moving water, such as the water cascading down a waterfall or fountain, creates dynamic, mesmerizing effects and unique moving shadows, while lighting in still water produces a soft, elegant aesthetic. No matter what the size or type of your outdoor water feature, NiteLites is capable of designing, installing, and maintaining a custom lighting system that will enhance the feature’s nighttime beauty and help integrate it with your entire landscape lighting project.

One specialty water lighting technique is mirror lighting. Opportunities to employ the mirror lighting technique are rare, however, when it is used, the results are quite stunning. Often because of size, many bodies of water are difficult to light from the side from which the water will be viewed. Therefore, mirror lighting is employed by uplighting vertical objects on the side of the water opposite the viewer. Those objects, whether trees, columns, or some other structure, are then reflected on the surface of the water, providing a dramatic double image.