Trego Case Study

Olander Reflective Pool

We were able to utilize a number of lighting techniques at this fabulous home with its backyard pool and vacation-like setting. The dramatic feature shown in this photo is the reflection of the back of the home on the water’s surface. This lighting technique is called “mirror lighting.” While we are not often provided an opportunity to employ this technique, it is one that we like to take advantage of when given the chance to do so.

This project photo also depicts the use of shadow and light, an important feature in landscape lighting. Notice, for instance, the play of shadow and light created by uplighting the palmettos.

Trego Case Study

To ensure safe pedestrian travel on and around the pool deck, directed-source wall-mounted lighting, rather than a more diffused light, was specified. The directed-lighting fixtures cast light for longer distances. Notice the visibility on the long steps leading to the pool deck and the detail revealed on the patio’s stone surface.

The courtyard walls in the rear are lighted with a combination of directed uplights and softer washlight fixtures. Some pool area features were intentionally left dark (e.g., selected planter beds) to create a pleasing shadow and light mix.

Olander Dark Reflective Pool

At the opposite end of the pool, the cabana is also reflected on the water’s surface. The photo here is a classic example of the use of shadow as an integral part of a landscape lighting plan. All of the lighting techniques employed here—architectural accent, landscape, and mirror lighting—are all the more effective with the incorporation of shadow.