Pendleton Case Study

GROVE - O’NEAL - Front

This fantastic project had many great architectural and landscaping features. To accent the water feature, we lit the upper and lower waterfalls with underwater uplighting fixtures. The lighting captures the movement of the water, creating moving shadows, a mesmerizing effect we call “shadow dancing.” The water pools above the lower waterfall and under the stone bridge are illuminated with more diffused underwater lighting, which is softer than the uplighting on the falling water.

GROVE - O’NEAL - Pergola & Fence

A handsome pergola and fencing were installed at the entry to the side yard of this project. We installed washlight fixtures to light the fence panels softly. The center lattice work of each panel is highlighted, but there are shadows interspersed between panels. Up/down surface-mounted fixtures were installed at eye level on the stone columns, highlighting the stonework and also providing safe pedestrian travel lighting on the pavement below. To accentuate the overhead woodwork of the arbor, we installed border light fixtures between the wooden joists. This overhead lighting also serves to provide sufficient pedestrian lighting within the arbor itself.