Longstone Case Study

Lee - Front

With a good mix of shadow and light, this project is an excellent example of effective architectural accent lighting. The uplights lighting the quoins were mounted close and aimed directly upward, casting shadows between each quoin. The uplights used to light the front porch columns also appear to light the wrought iron portico above the porch. In actuality, however, the portico is illuminated with a downlight mounted on a tree in front of the porch. The candlepower and beam spread of the lamp specified for that downlight were calculated to provide the same lighting intensity as the uplights on the columns.

The interesting lattice brickwork of the entry walls is highlighted with washlight fixtures, and decorative pathlight fixtures light the entry walkway.

Lee - Gazebo and Pergola

Arbor structures in the back yard (one on each side of the rear of the house) presented an interesting challenge. Downlighting was specified to light each of the brick columns softly and to light the pedestrian travel areas within the structures for safety. To light the overhead woodwork, in-ground uplights were installed behind each of the front columns. Lighting intensities were muted, and beam spreads were increased to provide a more homogeneous application of light.

The gazebo is illuminated by a combination of in-ground uplights and tree-mounted downlights, also known as moonlights. Tree-mounted fixtures are not visible in this photo. Grate covered in-ground uplights had to be specified here because they are mounted in the lawn and have to be mowed over. The moonlights also provide lighting on a stone patio inside of the gazebo.