Gaddy Case Study

Bennett - Front

The size and lower profile architecture of this house dictated lesser lighting intensities with wider beam spreads. The chimney, the house’s prominent architectural feature, was illuminated with two uplights aimed so that their beam spreads crossed, which accentuates the stone’s texture. The magnificent oak is spectacularly lit with uplights. The size and texture of the large trunk is highlighted and, although not shown here, the entire limb and leaf canopy of the tree is illuminated.

Bennett - Front and Driveway

Some of the oak’s lighted canopy is shown here. This photo is also a good example of moonlighting. That is the technique that was used to light the circular driveway. The effect is achieved, in this case, by using several small, tree-mounted downlights with sight shielding shrouds. The lighting on the drive mimics natural moonlight, while the source of the lighting is not prominently visible.